Grace Baptist Church offers counseling services to those in need.  The mission of Grace Baptist Church is to proclaim the truths of Christ, and see the hearts of a father turned to his children, and win the heart of his wife.  There are several families at Grace Baptist Church who have been reconciled, and serving the Lord together today.  If you are interested in such help, please contact us at

What Kind of Counsel is Offered at Grace Baptist?

Grace Baptist practices what is known as Nouthetic Counseling.  Some have called it Biblical counseling.  This along with the family integrated worship is a powerful tool in helping families to reconcile and thrive.

Does Grace Baptist Church have a certified counselor?

Pastor Tart is certified through the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors.  At Grace Baptist Church we are committed to Biblical Counseling.  We believe in the sufficiency of the Scriptures.   You can learn more about Nouthetic counseling at

What areas of counsel does Grace Baptist Church have experience in?

The areas of emphasis are "Marriage Counseling" and "Family counseling."  If you, or someone you know is having difficulty in these or other areas, please contact Pastor Tart.  He has over 14 years of counseling experience and he would be glad to talk to you about your situation.  His phone number is 919-471-6858.  Or, you can contact him by email at

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