Grace Baptist Church is a growing, dynamic, caring community of faith. If you would like to experience a family life that is beyond your imaginations; come learn what we offer.

We have prayed for several years for our own space that we can use for the glory of the Lord and our Father has chosen to grant our request.  Our new location at 906 N. Hardee St., Durham. We have spent the last few months renovating this space and we are so excited about what we can do with it.

Grace Baptist Church is a family integrated church. We believe a healthy church rests on healthy families. Our emphasis is in reconciling families, and preaching the truths of God.

Our Sunday Service is at 10:00 AM. (Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM)

We love the Lord, because He first loved us.  We proclaim His truths without apology, and we rejoice in the ministry of reconciling and growing families.  Our worship services are traditional with hymns, psalms, and a piano.

Grace Baptist offers a counseling service to those that are in need.  We focus our attention on Marriage counseling and Family counseling.  If you would like to learn more about our counseling services, see our Counseling page.

Grace Baptist is very good friends with the leadership and congregations of two other family-integrated churches near Wake Forest, NC, Hope Baptist Church and Sovereign Redeemer Community Church.  We recommend that you visit the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches at if you are interested in finding the nearest church to you that is of like faith and practice.

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